Musical Instruments

bauhaus_frontGuitar has been a personal passion of mine for over 30 years. Though I rarely play professionally (music is the only career I know of where success means you get to ride all over the world on a bus), I play every day. Jazz, folk, bluegrass, ragtime, Gypsy Swing, Texas Swing, blues—I love it all and I love the instruments I’m privileged to play.

I have had the good fortune to design award-winning marketing campaigns for some of the world’s finest luthiers, and I’ve designed an instrument or two.

Guitarmaking is yet another world of balance between science and folklore, where metal strings and frets complement fine tonewoods cut from a one-in-a-thousand board from a one-in-a-thousand tree.

If you need a designer and marketer who knows how instruments are built, and understands the differences between redwood and blackwood, I’d love to work with you.