Dave Bricker is a man of honor who has a deep passion for cutting edge excellence in his work. His commitment to creating our innovative Eco website, and to being a major part of the creative team for our powerful environmental music videos, is a reflection of his integrity and compassion. I am proud to call him a professional colleague, and more importantly, a friend.

—Lanny Smith, The Earthman Project

Dave Bricker is probably more knowledgeable about more subjects than anyone I’ve ever met. Combine that with an acute eye for design and a seemingly endless supply of energy and I count myself lucky to have had Dave as my thesis advisor for my MFA in Graphic Design. He’s a software guru who possesses an expert level understanding of design history, marketing, typography, communication, and digital publishing. He’s also a very humble, down to earth, and all-around inspirational guy to work with.

—Scott LeBlanc, MFA Graphic Designer

Dave’s work demonstrates the enviable ability to design not merely functional sites, but ones that tell compelling stories. Unlike so many others, the first thing he did was to read my books. It was immediately apparent he understood what I was about. We’ve been working together ever since.

—Richard Geller, Author, Poet, Instructional Designer

All the comments about my book have been extremely favorable: “What a great cover!” “Love the pictures!” “Who did the graphics?”

—Sid Mitchell, Author / Archivist

A good design, in addition to emotionally touching the audience, should be honest, transparent and effective. Dave is one of the most effective artists I know, as a musician, designer, writer and teacher. He helped me take design to the next level.”

—Jorge E. Sotolongo, MA Graphic Designer

Dave Bricker’s editing style strikes a unique balance between rigorous attention to detail and acute mindfulness of the larger forces at work in a piece of writing, such as narrative structure and the power of storytelling. His immense enthusiasm for the writing process and the possibilities inherent in the written word, his commitment to excellence and his extensive experience as an editor and graphic designer make him an exceptional editor.

—Liz Cunningham, Author

Why work with Dave Bricker?

While laboring through the final draft of our first co-written book, my wife and I decided to hire an editor to help us polish the work and make it more presentable to the public. We’re both experienced journalists and are therefore well aware that everyone needs an editor, and that no work is exempt from the need for a sharp editor’s eye and pen.

We searched around online, found a few people that seemed good fits for our book and our somewhat quirky personalities, then chose Dave.

What a smart decision.

Dave asked the tough questions that needed posing; suggested twists, additions and approaches we’d not thought of, and generally made us better writers in the process. Thanks to Dave, I’ve remembered writing tips long forgotten and have a bunch of new arrows to deploy from my writer’s quiver on future projects.

Dave made our book better, our writing clearer, more precise and accurate, and he even deftly navigated the linguistic landmines coaching my British wife and me on which spellings to use. It was clearly a labo(u)r of perspicacity, if not genuine concern.

He’s also a genuinely good guy, fun and smart. Hire him. We’re certainly glad we did.

—Frank Yetter
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I asked Dave to design and publish a client’s book. Dave’s work was a revelation; his book design—his sense of what a page should be like, his typesetting and choice of font, his ornaments, and his cover—showed a remarkable sensitivity to my client’s work and was absolutely beautiful, to boot. He involved me as an editor every step of the way, letting me see what he had done and cheerfully making changes at my request. As well, he must have read the typeset copy a dozen times, searching for errors that I had missed. The end result was elegant without being showy, perfectly in tune with the book’s mood, and a joy both to hold and to read. My client was absolutely delighted, and so was I. I highly recommend Dave as a book designer and publisher. And he also writes a mean sentence.

—Steven Bauer, Writer/Editor at Hollow Tree Literary Services

Dave is an excellent trainer. While I was at KeyStone Learning Systems, Dave authored an ActionScript for Designers course for the company. Dave displayed a definite talent for writing and teaching. He went beyond the scope of just teaching “how-to-use” the program and into real world application.

—Lee Graham, eLearning Developer and Instructional Designer

I have worked with Spot Grafix and Dave Bricker for over five years on my two business websites and all my branding from business cards to info sheets to thank you cards. His solutions have been incredible and timely, and have helped my companies grow. I highly recommend his services.

—Neal Petersen, Keynote Speaker and Global Investor

Authors typically acknowledge various agents, editors, publicists, and publishers. In our case, abundant appreciation goes to one multi-talented individual who expertly navigated every phase of this book project: Dave Bricker. He invested passion in each detail of our publishing project, masterfully impacted our work, and performed artistry with our book design. He’s brilliant, precise, prompt, and reliable. We trusted Dave’s judgment on aspects of this project that were well beyond our expertise. He’s a praiseworthy partner whom we appreciate greatly and recommend highly.

—Barbie Taylor & George Walther, Authors

Dave Bricker is first of all an excellent author, editor, graphic designer and marvelous human being. His diligence, passion, talent, patience, and competence in his work leaves any beginning author like myself highly satisfied. Dave is not only a pleasure to work with, but his perfectionist technique is a marvelous asset that surpasses any author’s expectations. He not only edits, suggests, and corrects, but will give you a wise, honest opinion when asked. His designs are symbolic, classy and will portray your story with detail and taste. You will never find another Dave Bricker. And, you will miss him greatly when the book is published.

—Maria Laria, Author and Television Personality

I truly enjoyed working with Dave on the process of getting my novel White Mythology ready for print — he somehow transforms the plodding, meticulous job of generating and correcting the proof into a joyous interaction, a meeting of minds even. His no-nonsense approach is leavened with a dry sense of humour, and he is as easy-going as he is hard working. But if you are considering working with Dave, above all else hire him for his eye, for his aesthetic sensibility. His work on my cover floored me, and I will not work with any other interior designer than he.

—W.D. Clarke, Author