antique_telescopeAnyone can build a website or print a new business card but marketing is not a passive process; it requires sharp tools, clear vision, and a genuine commitment of time, resources, and talent.

If you want “the corporate look” or a logo with a globe or a swoosh in it, I can’t help you. But if you’re authentically unique and want to tell your story, we should talk.

Marketing is not about pixels and printing presses; it’s about telling true stories. Only you can define success, and only you have the insights and information required to compete in the marketplace. If you’re willing to make a plan, work hard, think creatively, take chances, and innovate new approaches to communicating, I will help you work efficiently and effectively.


typewriterPublishing is not necessarily about telling true stories, but it is about telling stories truthfully.

If you want the quality of your book to meet or exceed industry standards, shortcuts won’t get you there. Quality writing, editing, typesetting, design, and production are all links in the chain. Whether you’re just beginning your manuscript, looking for an agent, or self-publishing, if excellence is your goal, I will show you how to navigate the high road and avoid the numerous traps and pitfalls along the way.