BlueMonk_singleAs a printed book typographer, I got fed up with the way eBooks discard the elegant formatting that differentiates “here are some pixels” from “Once upon a time.”

As a writer, I wanted an eBook format that allowed me to add photos, maps, videos, and footnotes. I wanted a distribution channel that didn’t rely on a variety of devices that supported few of the eBook enhancements I envisioned.

As a book designer, I wanted a tool set that made production of rich media eBooks easy.

<PubML™> (Publishing with HTML) is my own solution. Beautiful, reflowable, paginated eBooks can now be read in any up-to-date web browser. A set of intuitive, visual, affordable eBook production tools empowers publishers to turn WordPress into a complete eBook authoring system that creates both <PubML>™ and ePub eBooks.

Read The Blue Monk in <PubML>™ format at TheBlueMonkBook.com.

Learn more about the <PubML>™ EBook Publishing System at pubml.com.