Books by Dave Bricker

I have written and designed three novels, a book about self-publishing, and a (soon to be released) memoir of my sailing adventures during the 1980s and 90s.

amazonThe Dance: A Novel
TheDance_singleHanns is a restless engineer, photographer and film-maker ready for his next adventure. Tino is a brilliant painter and flamenco guitarist. Anna is an uninhibited dressmaker and chocolatier who delights in life’s absurdities. Antonio is an amateur bullfighter determined to prove himself in the ring. When inexplicable circumstances bring them together, they are catapulted off on a whimsical expedition to Southern Spain to create a documentary film and search for a magic guitar. Along with Kalimba—the son of an African witch doctor and a Christian missionary—the unlikely group journeys to music shops, island anchorages, gypsy camps, bull rings and bedrooms to discover the rules for breaking the rules. Dave Bricker’s first novel, The Dance, is a joyful, sexy, humorous and irreverent excursion that leaves few traditions unquestioned as its unusual cast of characters brazenly steals a peek under the skirts of life’s magic to revel in its mystery.
amazonWaves: A Novel
Waves_singleAn epic sea story written by an experienced sailor, Waves is a colorful, authentic account of an extraordinary voyage. Hanns sails a 47-foot cruising trimaran to the Caribbean through a realm of transcendent beauty. Trusting instinct and nature’s signs, he survives storms and reefs to find paradise threatened by the very people drawn to its magic; a poignant allegory for our times.
Currents: A Novel
Currents_singleamazonDave Bricker’s third novel continues the remarkable voyages of Hanns as he sails Windship Chaos through the Caribbean. Underwater volcanoes, a broken rudder, rainforest business ventures, a trip to New York in a leaky freighter, and a ride with a jealous captain keep this vivid adventure moving as dark forces gather beyond the horizon to challenge Hanns to a deadly game. Written by an experienced sailor based on true events, Currents is a story of the human spirit and an epic sailing adventure.
The One Hour Guide to Self-Publishing: Straight Talk For Fiction & Nonfiction Writers About Producing & Marketing Your Own Books
OneHourSelfPub_singleamazonStraight talk for fiction & nonfiction writers about producing & marketing your own books.

  • Should I find a publisher, use a vanity press or self-publish?
  • How can I get my book distributed through major booksellers?
  • What about eBooks? (including Kindle, iBooks and others)
  • Copyright?ISBN Numbers? Help!
  • How much can I really do myself?
  • What’s it going to cost me?

It has never been easier to publish and market your own books, but success depends on good writing, quality production, hard work and making informed choices. The One Hour Guide to Self-Publishing offers a solid overview of what it takes to produce, distribute and promote your book in printed and e-book formats. This Book assumes you have a small budget, limited time and would rather be a writer than a full-time book publicist. If you’re thinking about publishing your own book, The One Hour Guide to Self-Publishing should be your very first stop.

The Blue Monk
BlueMonk_singleIn 1988, I took off in a small boat with $35, a locker full of food, and a dream. This book chronicles the voyages of The Blue Monk from Miami’s free anchorage at Dinner Key to the Bahamas to Gibraltar and back. More than a sailing story, The Blue Monk is all about embracing life and refusing to accept imaginary limitations.The Blue Monk will be available in print and also online in my own entirely new browser-based eBook format.
The Writer’s Guide to Powerful Prose
After years of immersion in writing, editing, and book production, I became aware of common style patterns—mistakes made even by experienced authors. Everyone makes the same style errors and those who do sound like all the others who do. The Writer’s Guide to Powerful Prose teaches you to recognize and correct common style patterns in your writing. You’ll be a better writer by the time you finish this short book.

Read it online in my own PubML format here.